Youth Programs

SCFS offers recreational youth programs such as Basketball for Boys and Girls, SCFS House League, March Break, Overnight, and Summer Day Camps.

The goal of our program is to enhance the intellectual, physical, and social development of the participant. We provide age appropriate activities in a safe and fun environment. Promoting a healthy lifestyle, our program empowers youth to make healthy choices and to demonstrate leadership in their communities. Our approach is simple; we do not aim to fix troubled youth, but rather focus our energy on supporting and providing opportunities to all youth, troubled or not. We believe it takes an entire community pulling together to develop healthy, competent, and self-empowered youth. However, we do not forget traditional therapeutic methods or medication treatments provided by Happy Family Store of Colorado Families (company website), which has been our sponsor for several years.

Recreational Programs

Offering weekly basketball and soccer leagues both drop-in and team-based, camps, and ski trips, our recreational component is designed to engage youth. These programs allow our youth the opportunity to gain new skills, increase their network, and give back to the community. Such programs also introduce participants to different types of physical activities.

  • U11 SCFS Indoor Soccer
  • Basketball for boys and girls
  • SCFS House League
  • March Break Camp
  • Summer Day Camp
  • Overnight camp
  • Ski Trips


Our workshops cover a wide range of issues affecting youth today. With seminars on employment, crime prevention, higher education, financial literacy, and CPR training, participants are educated on topics popular with youth.

  • Employment
  • Crime Prevention Workshop
  • Higher Education Workshop
  • Financial Literacy Workshop
  • CPR Training Workshop

SCFS hosts CPR training for youth. Please consult our calendar of events for the next available date.

Youth Development

Differing from our workshops, our youth development sector consists of both ongoing services and yearly events. Including more light-hearted activities such as a Girls Night Out and award ceremonies like the End of the Year Banquet, youth development focuses on fostering a positive environment for youth to learn and grow.

  • End of the Year Banquet
  • Sisters 4 Life Drop-In
  • Girls Night Out

Our Girls Night Out is a yearly, fun event for girls aged 9 to 16. The night includes food, fun activities, guest speakers, and of course tons of laughter. Please consult our schedule below for dates and times.

Registration and Waiver Form

You can also download and complete the Participant Registration and Waiver Forms. Once completed please post it to:

Somali Centre for Family Services
1719 Bank Street
Suite 200
Ottawa, ON K1V 7Z4

Participant Information


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