So You’re Thinking About Volunteering?

Our volunteers are essential to our organization, they increase our capacity, bring new perspectives, ideas, and re-energize our operations and programs. Are you interested in volunteering for your community but are not sure where to begin. Now ask yourself this.

  1. What kind of commitment are you willing to make to your community?
  2. Do you have specific skills or talents you would like to share with your local Somali organization?
  3. Would you like to develop the necessary skills needed to help your community?

Then this is an opportunity you should not pass up. Volunteering at the Somali Center offers many rewards and benefits. Volunteering can help you:

  • Make important networking contacts
  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Help you meet new people
  • Make a difference in someone‚Äôs life

Your Community Needs You!

Experience Matters

As our community grows there is a great need for mentors and role models. Come and share your knowledge and skills with your community. Use your valuable skills to give back.

Students, Be A Volunteer!

With many secondary school boards across Canada making volunteering a compulsory component of their curriculum, the Somali Centre for Family Services provides many programs that are suitable for youth volunteers.

Volunteering will enable you to develop communication skills, career building experience, and valuable social skills that will be useful in many aspects of your life.

Register to volunteer with SCFS

For more information please contact:

Abdullah Ahmed
Volunteer Coordinator
Telephone:(613) 526-2075 ext. 231
Fax: (613) 526-2803